Why choose Polyurethane products

In recent years, long forgotten ways of decorating have come back in style. Today we try to find perfect harmony between modern technology and classic details. Polyurethane has been present in our lives for years. This molding is made for the builder of the new century and is made to eliminate problems that moldings you may face today. It is great due to the fact that it can withstand moisture, temperature changes, and they will not be destroyed by termites or other unwanted pests.



As a leading supplier of decorative Polyurethane moulding products, we would like to introduce the benefits of our products to our customers. PU (Polyurethane) is a high-density yet is light weight and easy to work with. PU moulding offers protection against the elements and is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. It can be cut, nailed, glued and filed just like wood but are much lighter in weight than wood or plaster products. The Polyurethane will not wrap, expand or rot. It is water resistant because it is non porous material and it is closed cell structure prevents water penetration and absorption. Better than wood, it does not attract or facilitate bug or pest infestation.




Compared with the traditional materials, like plaster, wood, concrete, our PU decorative products have more advantage and become the best choice for building decoration. They have the following characters.



  1. Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short, can be planed, sawed, nailed and glued by yourself, more cost saved than using wood and concrete.


  1. Light weight and very easy to install: Good resilience and tenacity, light and hard.


  1. Water absorption: Water absorption rate of PU parts is 0, the product will not expand and crack because of water absorption.


  1. High and low temperature resistance: PU material is the best thermal insulation material. PU parts can ensure very good stability between 70 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius, effectively prevent natural cracking and frost cracking.


  1. Pollution-resistant: Products do not absorb water to ensure that the pollutants in rainwater will not immerse into the products and leave traces, to ensure the beauty of the building, greatly reducing the cleaning and maintenance work.



Polyurethane products are the favorite large outdoor components with exquisite appearance, greatly increasing the aesthetic feeling of the building. The exquisite appearance, accuracy of dimension can fully meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor decoration.


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