What’s The Best Material For Shutter

As we known, with the shutter’s popularity, there are so many shapes, types, colors are available for you freely choice, the material is also varied, I,e: Aluminum, MDF, Solid Wood like: basswood, paulownia, poplar, pine, ash tree etc, and PVC. Each material has its unique advantages, Here I’d like to recommend pvc material shutter: that’s because


1. Environmental Protection and Ecological Sustainability : As we know the ingredients of pvc are all belong to artificial synthetic material , so you don’t need to cut any forest to support the long term material supply and you don’t dare somedays, the material will be used up.


2. The price level is sable and acceptable:As we know currently, the market price of pvc shutter are still keep at a competitive level which much cheaper then the solid wood shutter like basswood etc. Besides pvc is a kind of synthetic material, it’s price can keep stable at long term not to much effect on the government policy or market fluctuations. Which is dramatic on wood shutter, if the government to release a policy on forbid the wood cutting then you can only reply on the importing wood log which will lead the sales price of wood shutter increased much.


3. Suitable for any color , any place, any shape, any size. Totally customized


4. Excellent features which are other material can not compete:

A: Flame Retardant
B: Antiseptic and Termite-Resistant
C. Water-proof, the best choice for bath room, kitchen and most suitable for the damp and wet area.
D. Weather-Proof, Not Crack, Chip, Peel Off and long last.
F: Easy Process and Maintaining
So what will be your choice when you choose the shutter for home decoration.