What Makes Goodwood Quality Superior to Others

What Makes Goodwood Quality Superior to Others?

All suppliers would tell you “good quality”, how to choose the one really good for you, that is the point. In fact, now the products look really similar, no need to say the building material like wood mouldings and shutters, you couldn’t tell the difference from the surface. But when you touch them and cut them to see the inside closely, you would find something new. Choosing Goodwood as your supplier, it means you will get what products and services you pay for, the quality is totally in compliance with your standards.


Here are what makes our quality superior to others.


Factories Union – We’re not one factory model, but different scale of factories to support different customers. It’s not safe to reply on one factory, what if they fail to finish on time? So our factories union would make sure the production capacity, stable quality and on-time delivery no matter what happens.


Credibility – We have been in the business more than 25 years, we live with credibility. It is the main reason that our customers choose us as their business partners and reliable supplier. We always do what we promise.


Quality Standard – The one place the orders only, he doesn’t know why he lost the orders, because their quality standard depends on the factory itself. Goowood is the leading supplier of building material who implements our own standard in all factories, no matter the order ship from which factory, the quality all keep the same.


Delivery Time – for long term business, you know that on-time delivery is not for a few months. With the business growing, you would expand your market, you may need higher quality products, any change may affect the delivery time, who can meet your new challenges when needed? We’re the one can support you from all sides. We have different factories support arrange the samples starting in one factory which won’t affect the normal production. With the volume increasing, we can arrange the mass production in


Teamwork Support – our Sales Team are good at communication with you in English, learn your demand and concerns, provide you the foresee plan so you can focus on your market comfortably. Our technical team can provide you any CAD drawings, solutions instantly.


Price – We never guarantee the lowest price because you always can find the lower price here or there. The price represents the value, it should not be the most important criteria. Our price value is help you buy with reasonable price and balance between the factories.

The building material business is not one time business, with the right supplier, it can ease your burden a lot and help you expand the market or win the new project easier. We are ready to accept any new challenges from you, who focus on the quality must be your top concern, plus we can provide you various solutions.

If we’re the one you may be interested in, please do not hesitate to send an enquiry now and learn more.