What are Plantation Shutters

Window shutters are not as simple as they used to be. Initially, window shutters were only available as exterior window shutters, but now they come in many shapes and sizes that may have different names for each configuration. One of the most popular designs of window shutters used in residential and commercial buildings is plantation shutters.



Where does the Name Plantation Shutters come from?

Plantation window shutters have gotten their name from the large farmhouses and old plantations in the southern United States that used exterior window shutters. These same designed shutters were implanted to be interior window shutters because they were found to be really effective at regulating the interior temperature for extreme conditions outside the home. When it comes to plantation shutters, people should know that they create great insulation that is effective at stopping both extreme heat and freezing depending on the weather outside and the time of the year.



Louvers of Plantation Shutters

The big feature that makes plantation shutters different from other types of window shutters are their large louver slats. These are equivalent to blinds, but they are sturdier and go horizontally instead of vertically. When using plantation shutters, people would not move the louvers open and closed on pull strings like blinds and curtains, but they utilize a pull rod that fix the louvers into position based on the preference of the homeowner. The materials to make plantation shutters can be anything from a composite material to natural hardwoods which are known to last many years unlike the materials used in cheap blinds.



Different Types of Plantation Shutters

Many people are starting to look into interior window shutters for their home or business for the first time. This is because there are many aspects of window shutters that can be changed or customized to suit the needs of the homeowner. Here are some types of plantation shutters that are not as common as the traditional types of shutters that are commonly seen in a home.


Café Style Window shutters

Most of the interior window shutters that are advertised online are made for traditional size and shaped windows. But there are some other windows that are not like this, like a lot of privacy windows. When it comes to privacy windows and interior window shutters, Café style windows are made to give homeowners more privacy than other forms of window shutters. These are great options for privacy windows that are in a kitchen or dining, and even a bathroom.



Bay Window Interior Shutters

Many homes and businesses have one or more bay window styled windows that come in different shapes and sizes, and even these large windows can be fitted with interior window shutters. But they are often go in the larger rooms of a home like the living room that are great for controlling light in an area that has a good amount of sunlight.




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