The History of Shutters

Shutters, you can see them in historic buildings, as well as in a hypermodern apartment, you can see them in the Netherlands as well as in New York. Who would expect that this particularly attractive form of sun protection was used thousands of years ago? Where does the origin lie?


It is generally accepted that the ancient Greeks may put the invention of shutters to their name. At that time, they had to deal with strong winds from the sea and therefore built shutters to keep the cold out and the heat in. The first shutters are made of marble and of the ‘Louvre’ type. However, unlike today’s shutters , the slats cannot move. They do, however, limit light and at the same time ensure good air ventilation. It is a strong weapon against the scorching summer heat.


From Greece to the Mediterranean.

From Greece, the shutter slowly but surely spreads to the Mediterranean. Increasingly, instead of marble, linden wood is used to make shutters. The shape is also slowly but surely changing and designers come up with the movable slats. This makes it possible to regulate the light and air movement, gives shutters a privacy function and also protects them against rain and insects.



England of the 18 the century

In the 15th century the glass window comes in, get shutters for the first time a more decorative function. Initially, glass is only for the wealthy because it is expensive. Among them, it becomes a trend to inlay the top of a window with glass and place shutters at the bottom. As glass becomes more and more a general good, shutters are increasingly used purely as decoration. In the England of the 18th century, shutters stand for a symbol of status and style.


The New World & The name plantation shutters


During the colonization of America, the Spaniards introduce shutters to the New World. They do particularly well with ‘the chic’ in the deep South. Plantation shutters were given this name because they were used in the many country houses and mansions on the cotton plantations. Shutters provided ventilation for the houses during the intense summer heat and protected the houses during the harsh winters.




Today, shutters are an integral part of the American interior. They are immensely popular here and are also regularly used in films to create an atmosphere of light. In Europe, the shutter is undergoing an unstoppable advance, not surprising because shutters are both tough and elegant and fit both in a modern and classic interior.



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