The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Shutters

The question you will likely have is “what is the difference between interior and exterior shutters?” While shutters are a general term used to describe a specific type of window covering, shutters can be installed on the interior or the exterior of a home’s windows. While both of these window treatments serve similar functions, there are subtle differences between the two.



Ultimately, the primary difference between interior and exterior shutters is the basic purpose that they serve. While exterior shutters can serve a practical purpose by shielding your windows from the outside, they are primarily revered for their aesthetic value. These shutters can bring a classic, Mediterranean look to any home, and they can help to bring a much-needed pop of colour to the front of a house.



Alternatively, indoor shutters are often seen as the more practical of the two on a day-to-day basis, as they are easy to operate from within the home. This gives homeowners the ability to easily open and close their shutters, or adjust them as necessary, at any point throughout the day to provide the proper light and airflow without any hassle, whereas exterior shutters usually have to be adjusted from the outside. Interior shutters can also bring a unique elegance to any room in which they are installed, and they can enhance a home’s interior design.


Of course, while interior and exterior shutters share a lot of similarities, they also each have their own unique benefits that set them apart.