The Cheapest Wooden Shutters

Why do you choose the Pine Shutters? The MOST COST-CONSCIOUS material option for wooden louvered shutters and the SUPREME QUALITY compared to MDF shutters. With advanced technology and special direct-painted treatment on pine components, you can’t see a difference between Goodwood Pine Shutter and Basswood Shutter from appearance. They are a great economical option to light up your home interior.


After 20 years experience dealing with Pine, knowing well about its features, our Director Mr.Shen and engineers spent two years researching and developing the Pine Shutters. In June 2020, Xiamen Goodwood official launched this Competitive Wooden Shutter in European market, and they love it.



Purchasing raw material(radiata pine) directly from large factory in New Zealand, Goodwood manufactures the wood components by ourselves, and then assemble the shutter complete opening – the whole quality system are well controlled.

With FSC certification, the Pine louvered shutters are among the most popular interior and exterior home enhancements, adding depth, dimension, color and function to homes of all styles. They are built with the same professional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Any shape, any color is available for your ideal home.

We are looking forward to work with more distributors! 2020 is hard, economical shutter is needed, let’s gain the market share and create a brilliant future together!


If you want to learn more of shutters, reach us , we will offer any info you want.

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