Windows are integral to your home,you use our windows every day. In other words, you probably like to be able to control the amount of light streaming into your home, such as cutting off the glare of the morning sun, as well as being able to close your windows for privacy reasons.


If you’re unsatisfied with your home’s interior, it is the time to consider an accessory that’s both decorative and functional — plantation shutters for your windows! They are not only a decor piece for your home, but also flattering and functional for your home, and once you choose us to install some, you’ll wish that you had them all along.



Aesthetics. With custom designed shutters, you can add beauty to your home. Our interior shutters are completely customizable, allowing for many different materials to be used, as well as colors and styles. Our shutters are stunning, natural, and elegant.


Maximum control of light. Natural light not only saves energy costs, but it also adds to your quality of life. However, when you open your custom design shutters, you’ll immediately experience a lift in mood, attitude, and overall productivity. Furthermore, you won’t have annoying cords or strings to mess with, which can be a safety hazard for both children and pets. They also make your windows look cluttered and unorganized.



Low maintenance. Custom designed shutters are easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and the dust bunnies are swept back to the hole they came from. Our interior shutters are super simple to clean, and you won’t have to mess with blinds that can sometimes be hard to reach all the cracks and crevices.


Strength and durability. Custom designed shutters by Shutters and More are designed to last a lifetime. We use only the best materials of your choosing that won’t crack, rot, or break, like other shutters do.



Warmer weather is here, and so is the time for opening up the window, opening up your doors, and migrating indoor activities outdoors. And why shouldn’t that enviable spot belong to your home?