The Advantages of PU Exterior Shutters

With the splintering and rotting issues on most exterior shutters, are you looking for a better one? Here the Polyurethane Exterior Shutter help you solve all these problems- NO rotting, NO worm damaging, NO yellowing, and NO warping. It satisfies you a low price point along with being maintenance free, light weight, easy to install and real lifetime warranty.



That is what the exterior shutters bring you, it deliver an authentic look with subtle elegance. Many house owners choose it. With the good fire retardant feature on PU exterior shutters, we believe it essential for your home decoration to keep family safe



The PU shutters have passed the temperature test of – 60℃ ~140℃, no deformation. They have been used in extremely cold and hot areas, the test of harsh environment and over 50 years of use time has proved the excellent performance of those exterior shutters. When you buy one, you can use the whole lifetime.


And such PU exterior shutter is a charming family DIY project. With the light weight and easy painting feature, more and more family buy it and install themselves. Getting your children involved can help you create memories together while teaching them important new skills along the way. Years after years, when you want a new look, you can repaint the shutter easily with the family and the house will look kind of new and fresh.



They are available in louver, raised panel, flat panel, board and batten, Bahama and your custom design. Radius and elliptical tops and other special and custom designs are also available. Any color matching to your home interior is available.



To bring out the character of your older home or add some in your new one, try our extensive line of PU Exterior Shutters.


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