Radiata Pine is a good option among wood shutters


As we know that basswood is a golden material for making shutters. But due to its high price, it can not be widely accepted. So many shutter manufacturers will find a cheaper wood as an alternative. So here we would like to introduce a new wood species as below to you.


Radiata pine is a versatile and medium density softwood. It is suitable for making wood shutters with the cheapest price of most timber species. Our radiata pine are from New Zealand. Usually they are cutting into boards directly and kiln dried in New Zealand to avoid blue stain. From the performance point of view, the texture of radiata pine is straight, easy to process. And the density is moderate and it is good for gluing. Meanwhile, our test approves that radiata pine has a strong nail gripping ability.


Besides, radiate pine can come with FSC if needed, which can be a good selling point. If you are interested in radiata pine shutters, pls don’t hesitate to contact us.