Polyurethane Traceability

Polyurethane is a kind of new organic polymer material, known as “the fifth largest plastics”, which is widely used in many fields because of its excellent performance. Its products are applied in light industry, chemical industry, electronics, building materials and so on.

Polyurethane is a kind of macromolecule material. In order to meet the design requirements, different combination methods can be used, such as changing the composition and density of raw materials. In 1937, polyurethane was firstly applied in industry in German, in 1950, the manufacturing technology of polyurethane began to industrialize in Britain and the United States. In 1955, Japan was introduced the PU technology from Bayer and DuPont. Subsequently, it has been widely used in many projects and has become a mature building decoration material, due to its good molding plasticity, and can be made into thin-walled, light-weight, high-strength, and various forms.





PU decorative parts are made from polyurethane raw materials based on the requirements of design drawings for indoor and outdoor parts with different effects and texture, exquisite surface, strong plasticity. They can easily adjust density, their products are durable. It is an excellent new decorative material with the same life as the building.


PU parts process is very unique, be equipped with two-component materials, injected into the template in a specific proportion to ensure that products achieve good compactness and strength. In the United States, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong, polyurethane decorative components are the most widely used decorative materials.






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