Polyurethane Columns and Railings

When you build your dream home, columns and railings are essential parts for exterior. Detailed Polyurethane moulding pieces can enhance the overall look of the home’s exterior, The wrap-around porch serves as a key focal point of your dream home, and the Goodwood polyurethane pieces help to create the feeling you want while providing you with no-warp, no-decay products. Polyurethane material is very suitable for Columns and railing due to multiple reasons.



  1. Weather proof. Columns and railings are placed outdoor under changeable weather circumstance. PU products are beautiful and durable in all seasons, withstands the elements better than tradition materials, suitable temperature range can be -40℃ to 70℃.



2. Water proof. Polyurethane is 100% water proof, it’s ideal for moisture-prone spaces, will not expand and crack because of water absorption.



3. Resists insects: Our closed-cell polyurethane is resistant to instects.




4. Easy to install: Light weight, Easy Installation without special tools. Lasting performance and minimal upkeep. Long lifespan, can be same as building.



5. Suit every style: Polyurethane smooth or woodgrain – comes pre-primed and ready to paint or stain. Easy to make it a perfect match for every house.



6.Safe for environment: Eco-friendly, non-toxic. Uses the latest 4th generation LBA and FEA 1100, which is the highest standard for California USA by now.



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