Pine Moulding, the Interior Forever Fashion

Including moulding elements, such as baseboard, casing and crown, when renovating or redecorating your home can significantly impact its overall look and feel. Xiamen Goodwood, with more than 20 years rich experience manufacturing wood moulding, we are one of the first exporters in the industry. Our moulding offers superior workability as it is sourced exclusively from 100% Radiata Pine grown in New Zealand, which ensures a consistent color, light weight and adding a distinct character to a room.



Moulding products tend to come primed, making it easy to paint. All Goodwood mouldings are featured Gesso coating and Water based primer. With a wide selection of standard and custom profiles, the company’s free knots moulding and finger-joint moulding arrive with virtually no defects due to the advanced manufacturing methods, updated technology, strict quality control and the superior characteristics of selected Radiata Pine. No chip off!



It is available in standard patterns such as: baseboards, crown, skirting, window reveal and casing profiles, as well as interior and exterior door frames. We also can custom-mill profiles to exact specifications. Choose from solid, finger-jointed, primed or pre-finished designs.



And among those, finger jointed pine is less expensive than solid wood, but has all the benefits and characteristics of ‘real’ timber. It is less prone to twisting and warping; is light and rigid enough for one person to install; holds nails well; has greater longevity than MDF with significantly reduced requirement for replacement; being less abrasive on cutters and tools and therefore requiring less maintenance to keep blades and cutters sharp; and does not split when fixing through edge grain like MDF. This is popular hot in US market.



Whether your project is Hamptons style, modern, colonial, contemporary, Victorian or traditional heritage, you will find satisfied pine moulding suit your design which help to achieve the interior look you want to create. They are perfect for those looking to add detail and elevate the features in an interior.



Primed Moulding has always been the best way to add interest to any room or space. It brings the house full of elegance and beauty. Are you ready to make your home Forever Fashion?