On Bright Sunny Days

Do you struggle to enjoy your living room on bright days due to glare? Wooden shutters are perfect for controlling light in your home! Other window treatments, such as blinds, may block light, but they don’t filter light nearly as effectively. Light squeezes through the cracks between blinds, which are often static and can’t be adjusted. With wooden shutters, on the other hand, you can adjust the angle of your shutters to let in the precise amount of light you desire.



In addition to filtering light, wooden shutters help keep you protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays! Wooden shutters are thicker than most blinds, which can let UV rays leak in. The added thickness protects your skin from UV rays and protects any potentially sun-exposed furniture from fading.


When You Want Increased Privacy And Security


Wooden shutters’ adjustability provides you more than light control — it also provides you increased privacy and security for your home. Thieves and peeping Toms can easily see through the vertical cracks of blinds, but wooden shutters can be adjusted to close at an upward angle or downward angle, preventing curious eyes from seeing through.


When You Live In A Noisy Area


Wooden shutters are a particularly useful addition to homes in crowded areas. In addition to filtering light and enhancing the privacy of your home, wooden shutters also act as a light sound barrier, helping to reduce the amount of outside noise leaking into your home, as well as the noise of your activity leaking out.


When You Want A Custom Look For Your Home


If you’re seeking to achieve a more custom look for your home, our wooden shutters are a great accent to any design! We make our wooden shutters with gorgeous, high-quality cuts of basswood, and our custom designs enhance practically any theme and color situation you could think of. Plus, they’ll boost the resale value of your home if you ever move!


Wooden shutters are truly a valuable investment. No matter the design of your home or its windows, we can craft custom-fit shutters to enhance both the function and aesthetic of your home.