Noise-Blocking of Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are appreciated for their aesthetics, sunlight protection, and insulation abilities. Many people choose to install plantation shutters because another main reason is they believe plantation shutters help with soundproofing. So whether you are trying to make your home quieter to get the kids in bed while nightlife is rampant outside, or if you want to make sure your neighbors are not bothered by the noise from your home party, shutters are your best friend.


With its thick and durable louvers, materials that reflect and absorb noise, and frames that form a tight seal against your window, shutters will significantly reduce the overall noise levels in your home. However, they can not work alone to battle noise that enters through unsealed air gaps. So please inspect your home carefully to find any gaps or cracks that could allow noise to pass through then apply a silicone sealant in these areas of your home.


We all know there are many different shutter materials, like vinyl, wood, hybrid etc. And the most soundproofing material is wood. But, the quality of wood and thickness of the shutter will have a large impact on how much sound gets through, so make sure to take that into account.