How to Paint the Shutters?

This question is related to the shutter manufacturer, not the end-users, I believe it would be helpful for shutter wholesalers and distributors.


As you know, there’re two ways to paint the shutters, no matter wood or pvc, the shutters could be painted either before or after assemble the shutters well.


How to Paint Wood Shutters

For wood shutters, they are mostly painted after assembling, with oil-based paint. It’s the most durable but dry longer than water-based paint. To achieve a better wood texture looking, especially for stain shutters, the oil-painted is highly recommended. In order to protect the environment and human healthy, we suggest water based paint as well, you can’t tell the difference from the surface. They dry faster which means the shorter lead time for your orders. The water based paint is also very flexible to avoid from damage.


How to Paint PVC Shutters

Before painting, we must clean up the profile surface. This is very important step to make sure the smooth and perfect surface after painting. Then the PVC Shutters can be painted the same as wood shutters, but for Goodwood, we’re proud at our advanced technology on the water based painting. We produce our own profiles and assemble the shutters in the same factory, that’s the reason why we can provide the customers best delivery time.


Here is the video about automatic painting line for our PVC shutter profiles.

As our PVC shutter components are all pre-painted, our poly shutter manufacturing becomes much faster than any after-painting factory; the most important is keep consistent quality. In this way, the shutters no need to dry when assemble well, we just inspect and pack up ready for shipment. Amazing? Absolutely. We can even deal with special urgent order and finish it within 72 hours before loading the container. It’s helpful for your important project and clients.


How we will help your Shutter Project?

Goodwood has been in Shutter Industry for more than ten years. From the shutter material, shutter size, any new shutter design etc. we have all kind of solutions to meet your demand. We are not the one just finish the order and that’s all, we’re your business partner, we are dedicated to help you grow your current business better and support from all sides. Welcome to send us an enquiry and see how we can work together. Thank you.


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