How to choose window shutters

If you’re looking to revamp a room, why not start with window shutters? They are a fantastically versatile choice and can work well in a bedroom, living room or even a kitchen. They can be DIY-measured and fitted for a budget option; they come in any colour you can dream up; they keep the cold out in winter; allow you to control light levels in a room; and provide flexible privacy versus views outside. What’s not to like? Here are some suggestions for your when you choose window shutters.

Where to fit plantation shutters

They can of course go in any room, but if you’re on a tight budget, put them at the front of your home, as they create kerb appeal, and will give potential buyers a great first impression if you choose to sell your home.



Plantation shutters are the perfect treatment for a bathroom, too, providing privacy while still letting in light. Make sure the shutters you choose are moisture resistant and that they’ve been finished in a paint or lacquer for a damp environment – this will prevent the finish from wearing away over time.



A home office is also the great place to use window shutters. Not only will they keep your work area at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, they can filter daylight to minimise glare from computer screens during the day.

Shutter Materials

Shutters are generally available in solid timber. Which shutter material you choose will depend on: the look you’re going for; your budget and the room you’re furnishing. Some materials are better for certain rooms than others: polyvinyl, for example, is moisture- and warp-resistant, so suits bathrooms.

Which Shutter Style

Full-height window shutters cover the entire window and open as one unit. They will often have a divider rail (also known as a midrail) so you can operate the slats above and below independently.


Tier-on-tier shutters cover the whole window, but the top and bottom can open independently of one another.



Tracked shutters slide open on a track and are ideal for patio doors, as they concertina back when not required. Not suitable for windows with a sill.

Shutter Colour

Shutters needn’t be white: you can have your shutters colour-matched to the exact paint shade you’re after. Colourful plantation shutters make a great alternative to children’s bedrooms. However, before you make this decision, be sure you’re happy to be committed to your colour choice for the long-term.

At Goodwood, we craft beautiful custom shutters to perfectly fit your windows. As well as helping you to keep rooms cosy in winter and cool in summer, and will block out noise to ensure a good night’s sleep.