How To Choose A Right Pvc Shutter Components Supplier

Since pvc shutter has many advantages which make it become more and more popularity. There are so many supplier in the market, big or small, how to choose a right supplier become very critical as which will directly effect you after sale service.


Below image will help you to learn what’s components will be used to assemble a shutter

Below several tups will give you some directions when choose a good supplier:


  1. Material Certificate

PVC shutters can emit some pretty nasty chemicals. So it’s important to only buy from manufacturers who have had their products tested for these toxins, and can provide a certificate to prove it. Such as Toxic-free certification

  1. Choose the Right Material Type You Want

As we known, pvc be divided in hollow and Solid,  the hollow one is most cheap which is for low end market. While the foam solid material also be divided as normal material and reinforced material, the reinforced material which is with aluminum core inside which can ensure a big shutter panel but not easy to bend and deform

  1. Surface Finish

The best PVC shutters available have a high quality finish, designed to endure throughout the many years you want to enjoy your home’s well-dressed windows. Be sure to ask about UV stabiliser paint as well – this makes a big difference to how well your shutters can take the heat – and the warranty on the paint finish.

  1. Warranty Offered

Different manufacturer they offer different period warranty, some only cover 3 years, some cover 15 years, some even offer the life time warranty, and the scope warranty they are covered.  When choose a supplier, we prefer to choose the one who can offer longer warranty and quality assurance coverage is wide.


Hope above info will be useful for you to choose a right suppler for pvc shutter components.