Frame types for Plantation Shutters?

During the process of learning about shutters you quickly stumble on to frame options. The frame will be designed to fit the style and size of your window. Goodwood shutters are offered in 3 styles: L Frame, Z Frame and Deco Frame.


L Frames: as its name suggests, is designed in the shape of the letter “L”. It can be used for both inside mount and outside mount installations. L frames are a common option for framing plantation shutters, they can also extend the depth of the window casing if your windows are not deep enough for the slats to operate.


Z Frames: as its name suggests, is in the shape of the letter “Z”. The Z frame has a built-in light stop to minimize light gaps between the plantation shutter panels and the Z frame. It is excellent for slightly out of square windows because the extended flange covers any imperfections. Besides, for any special shape windows like arches or circles, a Z frame is highly recommended, since these are usually not perfect in curvature.


Deco Frames: is a special type of trim framing developed for outside mount or face mount shutters. This gives you more clearance to choose a larger slat size, if your window recess is not quite deep enough. Like Z frame, Deco frame create the look of a decorative moulding surrounding the window opening and hide any variance in your window opening.