Finding the Right Shutter Style for Your Home

Shutters are a fantastic way to define the style of your home while adding your personal touch. Explore the following styles to help transform your home.


Full Height Shutters – Beautiful and Most Popular

Full height shutters are designed to cover the whole window, aperture or door, offering a clean, minimal look which allows adjustable light into any rooms. It offers a clean look that’s fitting for a variety of historic or modern homes.


Offering privacy, light control and insulation, our full height shutters can be made with or without mid rail. Added design features can include a split plantation style tilt rod to allow you to operate the top and bottom half of the panels independently.




Tier on Tier Shutters – Versatile and Timeless

Tier on Tier Shutters are designed to cover the whole window or door; the shutter panels are divided into top and bottom sections. It is ideal for sash windows. You can have Tier on Tier with or without T-post.


This versatile shutter style provides privacy whilst maximizing light filtration into your room by allowing the top tier panels to be opened and folded back, whilst keeping the bottom closed for privacy. The bottom tier can also be opened, allowing full access to the window glazing.



Café Style Shutters – Classic and Refreshing

Café style shutters are half-height and are designed to provide full privacy on the bottom portion of windows while leaving the top half clear and open to preserve your view to the outside. The result is a shutter-style that provides unique charm, yet also delivers exceptional practicality.


It is perfect shutters for Victorian houses, town houses, restaurants and living rooms. They are a great option for letting natural light in while still providing privacy in bathrooms or kitchens.



Sliding Shutters – Elegant and Longevity

Our sleek and practical solution to screen large glazed areas. If the shutters are too heavy to be hinged together, or if the installation demands it, we have two types of track system: Bi Pass Sliding Tracks and Bi Fold Sliding Tracks. Shutters installed on tracks are a wonderfully practical way to screen glazed areas such as sliding doors, glass walls and internal glass screens in offices.


These shutters can be opened and folded smoothly along a tracking system. They make the perfect room dividers, wardrobe doors and wide windows. It brings fantastic thermal qualities to insulate your home from the fierce sun.



Shaped Shutters- Unique and Flexible

These shutters can be customized to compliment the design of your window. This is ideal for unique windows where traditional curtains or blinds would mask the window’s distinctive character.


Different shapes available like sunburst, arches, raked, French Door With Cutout etc.



Black out – Functional and Double Protection

This is our new Black Out Shutters which use integrated blinds to act as a secondary layer between your Shutters and windows. Black Out Shutters with blinds integrated into their build benefit from an extra layer of insulation and create near blackout.


This highly technical option we offer works by using two compartments in the framing when you order shutters. One for the shutter and the other for the blind. This gives a sleek finish without any clumsy divided sections whilst delivering a highly practical edge! Your Shutters provide a near blackout solution with the addition of the blind. Yet all the while you can still enjoy the beauty of shutters across your window in the daytime.



Solid Wood Panels – Old-World Charm

A classic style suited to bedrooms and period properties. Provides privacy, insulation and advanced blackout.


With no slats, solid indoor shutters offer insulating top to bottom window coverage that’s very private and secure. They’re also perfect if you’re looking to complement an elegant interior décor style that has a more traditional feel.



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