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Plantation Shutters are a well known window decoration , It not only can keep the privacy but also can regulate air flow and allow light to go through, Since it’s a customized products, can be made in any size, any shape and any color to perfectly fit your window, What’s more it’s also available for different material for your choice: Wooden, poly, MDF, Aluminum etc. Plantation shutter is widely favored by people, but do you know the origin and the history of it. See below details for info ref.:

Plantation shutter dates back to ancient Greece, At that time, glass was a very expensive and hard to come by material so didn’t be widely used until a little later so the shutters were made from marble be invented, Each marble louver was in a fixed position which is solid and non-moving. Shutters were perfect for the Mediterranean climate because they allowed for air flow while still keeping out the hot rays of the noon day sun, and were especially popular for sleeping areas where the shade allowed for napping any time of the day, and still maintained privacy with a breeze. During stormy seasons, shutters allowed protection from damaging winds and rain, and became the standard window treatment since most people can afford it.

Moving forward to Tudor times, the wooden shutters was occurred to instead of marble shutters, Since wood is more light making them much easier to open and close. These panels were secured to the inside wall and folded back to be flush with the internal wall when the window needed to be open. Once closed the wooden panels were secured with a mental bar of large piece of wood for security.

With the Mediterranean and European settlers moved into America then the plantation shutters were brought along to be developed in a new country. This new trend became extremely popular in the South as large qty plantation shutter made in different new sophisticated designs be fixed into their houses.

While during this period, Although plantation shutter still made from wood, Unlike Tudor times which is more lightweight and moveable. You can freely control the louver closure and opening to allow the air and light in but still keep the privacy protection.

Today, the plantation shutter become so popular almost every home fixed with shutter and your have so many style choices to match your house style: Café- Style, Tier-on -Tier, Full Height and Shape shutter etc.

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