Builders demand high-performance materials

Builders demand high-performance materials that are strong and durable, yet lightweight and easy to install.

Polyurethane(PU) is currently the most popular in Europe and America’s new high-end architectural decoration materials. With its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, insulation properties, durability and versatility, polyurethane is a common component in building and construction applications. Polyurethane building products perform countless tasks as they add aesthetic design flexibility.

Polyurethane decorative building materials is a new material class, product type are: exterior shutters, ceiling, medallions, all kinds of sculpture, frame, door trim and the like. Polyurethane products are made by casting a liquid resin in a mold. They can provide intricate detail on the surface of the product. Decorative and ornate corbels and ceiling medallions are examples of products that are only feasible by this method. Molds are quite expensive. To make products that look the same but are a different size requires making a whole new mold. This is only cost effective if you need dozens of pieces. Luckily, we already have thousands of molds available. We can provide most anything that you need. The molding process is inherently labor intensive and slow compared to an injection molding process. However, it provides a variety of sizes and detail that other methods are not capable of.

GOODWOOD uses the latest 4th generation LBA and FEA 1100 foaming agent for PU products, which is the highest standard for California USA by now. The product is achieved by the National Fire detection B2-class standards, can not fully meet the spontaneous combustion, no combustion of properties. Easy to clean, forever as new. Construction is simple and convenient for a variety of indoor and outdoor decorative materials.

Compared with traditional plaster, MDF and wood architectural moulding, our Polyurethane external moulding is more cost effective and could provide high performance solutions.




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