Bi Fold Plantation Shutters

Bi Fold Plantation Shutters make a wonderful addition to any home. These shutters can be used for extra wide openings. It can give you a full view of outside when you fold all the panels.With their classic and cultured look, they can also be used to hide unsightly screen doors, giving your home the elegant style you’ve been looking for.

These shutters are also a great addition to any room when you want to add a little bit of classic character to. If you want that modest country feel in your home, then Bi fold shutters are for you.

What are Bi Fold Shutters?

Bi fold shutters function on a system of hinges which is commonly used for most windows. This hinge system allows the shutters to fold to one side of each frame, creating an accordion effect when all the panels are folded to one side.

The panels should be hinged together in multiples of 2, but with a maximum of 8 panels, in order for them to function correctly within the bottom track.

Bi Fold Door Plantation Shutters are ideal for sliding doors or room dividers.



Types of Bi Fold Shutters

There are two kinds of Bi-fold shutters.

  • One type is the shutters that function on the hinges only, these are ideal for separation or divisions of small openings in living spaces. The panels fold out on either side of each other and stack neatly together on one side.
  • Another type is one where the bi fold shutters use hinges and are connected to tracks both on the top and on the bottom of the panels. These are ideal for covering large windows and doors, or dividing spaces with higher ceilings – because the tracks allow for a more stable movement of the panels.



Although Bi fold shutters are regularly used for deck entry sliding doors, they also look great when used as room dividers. Home is the place we relax and let our guard down. The shutters can easily provide the privacy every household deserves.

Open the shutters and let a little light in along with that cool morning breeze. Enjoy the view when you fold all of the panels to one side. The Bi fold shutters provide a clear unobstructed view when folded.