About Mouldings that Goodwood Supply

All mouldings supply from Goodwood are custom made. Our custom capabilities allow us to build whatever you’re looking for, while we can supply stock inventory support for your regular profiles based on the annual contract. This helps those who need quick lead time.


Moulding Supply History


From the very beginning, we supplied the wood mouldings and door jamb to the North American market, that’s the reason why we are so familiar with any kind of mouldings styles. We have hundreds of CAD drawings to meet various clients’ demand. Don’t be surprise that we can provide you more information than you expect, we’re the real expert in this industry. See picture below took in 2003, including door jamb, door stop, baseboards and wainscotings etc..



Moulding Species


The earliest wood moldings were made from Chinese Fir that native in China because of enough sources, prefect performance and good price. But today, radiate pine mouldings are more popular, it could be supplied knotty-free and make sure sustainable source.